Hindi Lovers Club was formed by three hindi lovers to promote and preserve hindi language in the overseas. Our main goal is to promote Hindi in simple ways like day to day talking, writing our thoughts in Hindi being out our Hindi literature which got buried in this english world.

Hindi Kavi Darbar by Hindi Lovers Club of Illinois

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Press Release: First Hindi Kavi Darbar was held on Friday Nov. 18, 2016 at 7 PM at 2545 W. Devon Ave., Chicago IL 60659. This is the office of Hindi Lovers Club. It was a well attended by the poets and the audience alike.

There are various different groups who meet every month to recite poetry in Bengali, Urdu ,Punjabi etc and its a shame that the National language of India does not have a similar platform. Hindi Lovers Club is trying to fill that gap.

gurbachn-reciting-the-poetry Gurbachan reciting the poetry

There was a social hour and snacks at the beginning and then program started with the welcoming speech by Gurbachan Kaur Neelam, founder and present president of Hindi Lovers Club of Illinois where she gave a brief detail of the achievements of Hindi lovers Club in last 6 years and forming of Kavi Darbar is another attempt to promote Hindi overseas. Before the poem reciting Sarawati Vandana was sung by Devendra Dubey ji accompanied by Anil Dhalaria.

In this first gathering the poets who participated and recited their own poetry were Savita Bhatia, Roopali Chand, Prakash Naik, Roop Mehta 'Badnaan', Vinita Gulbani and Gurbachan Kaur Neelam.

roopali-chand-anamika-is-reciting-her-romantic-poetry Roopali chand anamika is reciting her romantic poetry

Afterwards Sudaksa Kapoor recited Harivans Rai Bachhan's famous Hindi poetry " Koshish karne vaalon ki Kabhi har nahin hoti" which gave the members new energy to work hard in their attemp to prmote India's National language.. Rohit Joshi ji recited a Saraswati vandna and put little light on the formation of Hindi Lovers Club. Rajashree Sen gave her opinion about the formation of the club.

Every one voted to have this event every third Friday of the month at the same place rather than different places as was mentioned before.

The successful event concluded with the vote of thanks by Gurbachan kaur Neelam to everyone who came and made this idea to a reality.

If anyone wants to participate in this Kavi Darbar please email info@hindiloversclub.com or call 847-962-8595. The website www.hindiloversclub.com will soon have the event posted on it.

audience-of-kavi-darbar audience of kavi darbar

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