Hindi Lovers Club was formed by three hindi lovers to promote and preserve hindi language in the overseas. Our main goal is to promote Hindi in simple ways like day to day talking, writing our thoughts in Hindi being out our Hindi literature which got buried in this english world.

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Hindi lovers club of Illinois was formed in 2010 to promote Hindi language overseas. This club is a not for profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt social club. The main purpose of this club is to keep the Indian culture and its language alive in Indian communities overseas.

The club celebrates Hindi Divas as its annual event where it encourages the kids and adults alike to participate in ethnic dances, songs, essay competition to name a few activities in Hindi. From 2017 the annual event will be celebrated as the Midwest Hindi Talent Search.

In addition to the annual event, Hindi lovers club of Illinois started free weekly Hindi classes for kids and adults, organizes Hindi poetry group and invites Hindi speakers and entertainers to encourage Indians to attend and enjoy the language.

As it is a believe that language makes us who we are. Therefore its very necessary to know where one came from and its culture and language. Hindi is the third most spoken language of the world right now and if our coming generation won't use it, soon it might lose its position.

India is one of the fastest growing country in the world in technology and United States is very keen to work with them. As Hindi is the National language of India, it can be understood in most of the states. Knowledge of Hindi language will be very helpful for investors in India and Hindi Lovers Club is trying to provide that by conducting free Hindi classes in Illinois.

Hindi Lovers Club of Illinois is dedicated to promote Hindi and would like to request you to encourage it by any way possible by you or your association in form of sponsorship, donation, partnership etc.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement.

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